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Manpreet Kaur Sachdev | Inspirational Writer & Speaker | Lawyer

Get To Know Me


Ever since I was a child, I've been labelled as intense and sensitive.

It was never meant to be an endearing expression.

My sensitivity has always been perceived as some kind of emotional weakness; a malaise of sorts!

I lived with this label most of my life, and for years, even felt ashamed of being a deeply emotional person.​


I tried many things. Sometimes, I would censure my feelings, and sometimes, I would just banish them.

I would even try to create a semblance of toughness by barricading my emotions with a facade of nonchalance, lest they escape and someone notices, yet again!

I wanted to keep it all inside me - bottled up, locked, fenced, guarded.


But there was something I didn't quite know about myself.

As life unfolded, I realized that I was and am a wild spirit. Free. Passionate. Audacious. And Intense.

How could I be contained? How could I ever think of taming my authentic emotions?

How could I deflect my raw feelings and sacred energy?

How could I deny myself the power to feel profoundly and think deeply?

Wouldn't that equal self deception?


My journey into the self brought many beautiful awakenings.

I embraced myself wholeheartedly and vowed to love myself absolutely, unconditionally, and unapologetically. No fear, no judgements, no downplaying.

Only love, authenticity, and power.

It was the same game. I just played it differently!


Over the years, my inner inklings have transformed into profound knowings.

I learned that the only way out of pain was through it, that the only way to heal was to feel; feel fully.

I learned that awareness and acceptance augur well for choice and change.

I learned that true power lies in co-creating harmoniously with the rhythm of life.  


The cracks in my heart, the ability to reflect deeply and feel fully, and an innately curious nature

made me fertile for birthing creativity.  ​


Writing became my catharsis.  


Writing is the audacious and unbridled release of my thoughts, pain, insights, and lessons learned.

It is my humble gift to anyone who feels impelled to make substantive inner shifts.

It is a glimmer of hope for anyone shrouded with self doubt; a wand that will transmute your setbacks into comebacks; a reminder to discard the predetermined paradigms that this world constructs and to unabashedly carve your own path- a path that aligns with your true self.  ​


My writing comprises of discourses on life lessons, self-mastery, awakening, consciousness, mindset, creativity, and purpose. The intention is to help my readers live their absolute best life and fulfill their purpose.

I experiment with different writing styles, but the dominant ones are persuasive and descriptive.

I also like to pen poems, prayers, and stories.


More importantly, when I write, I simply let go and let God flow through my words. I sincerely hope that my words will soothe your soul, heal your heart, and expand your horizons.


With Unbounded Love,

Manpreet  K.  Sachdev

Other Projects & Pursuits
Besides writing, I am deeply engaged in other equally delightful pursuits such as:

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