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Upcoming Seminars & Workshops

Praise & Accolades

Christina Varallo

“Behold the Magic of Powerful Oration!"

Kevin McIntyre

"Your workshop was a pilgrimage into
the self."

Svetlana Franz

"Truly created a positive impact."

Rohit Singh

“You are a Wizard, Manpreet!"

Anushree G.

"You are a powerful storyteller - so inspiring."

Keynotes & Inspirational Speaking

Stories are incantations. 

They have the power to inspire, intrigue, and illuminate. 

Stories move, melt, and mesmerize the audience.

They engage, empower, and enthral.​


Over the years, I have had the honour of telling captivating stories - weaving wisdom like a charm and

aiding mighty mindset shifts! I have seen my audience crackle up with joy, light up with hope, and toughen up with commitment to turn their lives around; which in turn has brought me immense fulfilment. ​


For me, inspirational speaking and storytelling are about facilitating big transformations. The audience - they already have hidden gems of wisdom; they come from a place of knowing and deep understanding (they may not realize it, but it's true). They own all of the tools that are needed to heal, revive, reclaim, and manifest their best lives. I simply help them acknowledge their power. I nudge them to take charge and make change, to address their hurts and find closure, and to show up as the co-creators of their destiny,

every single day.​


As a writer, researcher, and coach, I am blessed to have gained years of enriching experience that I am always delighted to share with my audience. I speak on a variety of topics relating to self-mastery, manifestation, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, law, leadership, workplace wellness, business development, time management, mindset shifts, and living by design.​


Book me in for your upcoming event or attend one of my workshops. Come and experience the shift, as we dive into the depths of the soul and unveil the treasures that yearn to beam. 

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What To Expect

My talks and workshops are characterized by stories, vibrant dialogue, reflection, and recalibration.  I love sharing powerful techniques based on NLP and positive psychology with my audience.


I teach methods that work, ethos that elevate, and beliefs that transform.  There's rumination, laughter, engagement, and inspiration - its like a soiree; yet beneath all the frolic, there's deep contemplation and momentous shift.


As a lawyer, I am trained to look at facts, examine evidence, and rely on practical means to accomplish goals. Hence, you will often find me quoting scientific systems with proven efficacy. On a personal level, I am deeply spiritual. Hence, I will often make references to higher consciousness, vibrational essence, and mindfulness. Finding the happy amalgam between science and spirituality is a win-win for all of us.


After all, from quantum physics to metaphysics, the underlying universal principles are the same - Love, Light, and Oneness!

Popular Topics

  • Tapping into the Sub-Conscious - Your Key to Self-Mastery 

  • Decoding Success with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • The Art & Science of Manifestation

  • Living by Design: The Art of Conscious Living

  • The Power of Mindfulness

  • Radical Awakening through Unconditional Self-Love

  • The Happiness Code

  • 9 Steps to Living Your Best Life

  • How to Simplify Your Life in 5 Easy Steps

  • Dealing with Challenging People: at Work, Home, and Just about Anywhere!

  • Time Management: Cut the Slack with Science-based Hacks

  • Heart Centred Leadership

  • Workplace Wellness

  • Writing a Business Plan 

  • How to Pitch Your Way to Success

Mindset Mastery

Radical Awakening

Unleashing Your
Highest Potential

Past Engagements

Ryerson University, Toronto

Canadian Society for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Toronto

Bridges to Better Business, Halton Small Business Centre, Oakville

Halton Multicultural Council, Oakville

RBC Insurance, Milton

Newcomer Centre of Peel, Mississauga

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, New Delhi

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