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A Prayer For Hope And Healing

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"I don't care about heartbreaks anymore! Just don't break my hope."

Dear Waheguru,

[ The Wondrous Enlightener, The Supreme One, The True Divine]

Help me and heal me.

Enter my soul through the cracks in my heart.

Lift me, so I may rise above and beyond this worldly circus and

align with the life force of unconditional love.

I don't care about heartbreaks anymore!

Just don't break my hope,

for I have mastered the art of stitching my heart,

but haven't yet found the gumption to sail through hopelessness.

Give me hope, give me wisdom, give me humility.

Demystify yourself.

Let your light dwell in my soul.

Demystify yourself.

Help me find your purpose for me.

Give me a glimpse of your inimitable presence and power.

Demystify yourself, yet mystify me to the extent that this world

has no access to the depths of my pristine soul.

Grant me the strength and the courage to deny access to anyone

who does not have the emotional maturity, nor capacity to

handle my raw and intense energy.

Distance me from the people who do not yet fully understand themselves,

for they are so lost.

How then, would they ever understand me?

Help me and heal me.

Steal me from this illusion called worldly life.

Disconnect me from false ties and virulent lies.

Untangle me, Waheguru.

I know nothing about manipulation and find it hard to survive in a world

that is forever fraught with deception.

Heal me with your love and your light.

Transform me into a river - ever flowing with delight.

I am tired and distraught. I don't want to fight anymore.

I want no resistance.

I want to have less to do with people and more to do with my purpose.

There are some areas of my life that require a 180 degree turn.

Make that shift possible.

Turn my attention inwards,

I know that is where I will find you.

Turn my energy towards peace and wisdom,

I know that is where I belong.

Turn my emotions towards self-love and growth,

I know that is where I will blossom and thrive.

Change my perspective, so I never wander again.

Change my priorities, so I never squander in vain.

Give me the courage to abandon my wants, cease my struggles,

and banish my darkness.

Allow me to take space in your sanctuary of everlasting peace.

Propel me, inspire me, ignite my soul,

so I may pursue my purpose with poise and persistence.

Bless my heart and bless my whole life,

Tug me to the goals that brighten my light.

Help me fulfill my reasons to be alive.

Channel my energy, attention, and intention,

to all things worthy and divine,

for that is where my true power lies.

Dear Waheguru,

Bestow your love, sprinkle some hope, and enrich my soul.

I belong to you, I am forever your child.



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