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Coming Back Home

Poetry about coming back to myself and finding peace and joy in presence.

Blooming flowers and raindrops on window

I am coming back to myself - away from all the noise, the madness, and the busyness of the world that never ceases nor halts. I am coming back home, to the comfort that awaits. Back to myself, yearning for the song of silence that stirs my soul.

If you listen closely enough, you too can hear the song of silence. I've heard it before and have always wanted more. Hidden in silence is an impelling symphony of peace and seduction; an intense cocktail of tranquility and elation.

If you observe closely enough, you too can witness the breathtaking beauty of presence, of being, of calmness and serenity that surrounds your entire existence.

If you care to taste the concoction of truth, you'd know for sure, in the depths of your heart, that you belong to the stars, to the infinite galaxies dancing on the canvas of an ever expanding universe - how brilliantly beautiful and special you must be, to find a spot on the landscape of eternity!

If you jibe with the rhythm of your heart, you would exhale a lifetime of doubt, despair, and dejection.

If you smell the sweet fragrance of nature's limitless aromas, you would realize that all of your quests, your hopes, and dreams are readily accessible to you, for you are the personification of all creation that ever was, is, and will be.

So witness, and be, and taste, and soak up. Dance, and listen, and smell, and wake up. Exude, and exhale, and create, and live it up - this life, this gift, this magical celebration.

Dip your toes in golden sunshine, flap your wings in flowing streams, paint your horizons with colours of sacred flowers, prance about in the wilderness of dreams - this glorious game is yours to play; so play along with all your might. This world, this life, this moment, this breath - is yours to feel and fathom and rejoice. Do it with grace. I'd say, do it with poise.

Live it all up, with deepest delight.

Come back to yourself. Come back home. Away from the rush, the madness, the hoax. Drive away from deception. Take off that cloak. Find truth in this moment, surrender to hope. Dig out the extraordinary in simplest of pleasures. My list is here, you find your treasure.

Oh! the things that I love are glorious and galore; dive into these joys and find some more:

The golden glow of rising sun,

Hypnotic fragrance of drenched earth,

The sound of rain,

The mystery of life,

Caterpillars transforming into butterflies,

Gracious gait of breezy nights,

3 am thoughts,

Crackling insights,

Vivid shades of hummingbirds,

The ever so adroit juggling of words,

Brimming rivers,

Bubbling hope,

Poetic maneuvers,

Vintage troves,

The glowing warmth of candlelights,

Dancing dandelions,

Bejewelled skies,

Horizons on lakes,

And crashing waves,

The patterns on leaves,

Mature, wild trees,

Paths untravelled,

Mysteries unravelled,

Revisiting the pages of wise, old books,

Still so crisp, stories untold,

Colours and textures of blooming flowers,

Sunday mornings and golden hours,

Pebbles on the beach,

Sand on my feet,

Cafes on boulevards,

Bustling streets and kindred hearts,

Cozy conversations,

Brewing inspirations,

Oh! the joys of presence,

Are plenty and abound,

The beauty of now,

Never fails to astound,

If only, you witness,

Just be and behold!

Magic's everywhere,

Miracles unfold,

In the simplest of ways,

Wrapped within prosaic days!

If only, you feel,

The cadence of your breath,

You become this moment,

And flow with finesse,

You know for sure,

That treasures lay within,

You seek no more: you found your bliss.



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