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Slow Down... And Notice

"I would like to spend the rest of my days at a place so silent, and working at a pace so slow, that I would be able to hear myself living" - Elizabeth Gilbert

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“Slow down and notice the magic! It's everywhere... you simply must pause, witness, wonder, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you."

In a world that celebrates "busyness" and constantly urges you to "grind" or "hustle", be the one that often slows down and pauses, even if for a brief moment. Slow down to experience the presence, the silence, and the miracle of now. Slow down to appreciate how far you have come, braving the whirlwinds of time. Slow down and truly taste the melting warmth in every sip of your tea; notice the exquisite art on your tea cup too!

Gaze at glistening snow flakes as they descend from heaven - shinning like a million diamonds when sunlight kisses their soft texture. Feel the drifting sand from under your feet as the waves crash on the shore, swallowing everything that comes in the way. When you put one step ahead of another, do so mindfully. Feel the perkiness in your walk, the zest in your talk, and the exhilaration in your nerves.

Notice the first rays of the sun, as they make their way through the curtains into your bedroom, nudging you to rise and stretch. Look at that curled and wrinkled blanket that offered you comfort through the night. Listen to the crisp sound of crackling leaves as winds swirl around. Feel the soft and cozy texture of your sweater and say a little gratitude prayer as you set your intentions for the day. When you prepare your morning coffee, take in that refreshing fragrance of coffee beans and inhale the steam coming off simmering water. How beautiful each moment is, if only you reckon.

Be mindful as you live this beautiful life of yours - never missing the laughter of a child, the wagging of a puppy's tail, and the glowing colours on the horizon.These little joys you see, they are the stuff life is made of.

The world as we know it today has filled up our lives with so much stuff, so much information, and so much work, that we have almost forgotten what it means to live. We have been reduced to mortal consumers, consuming endlessly and mindlessly. From latest fashion trends, newest episodes, and fanciest gadgets, to freshest social media feeds - we devour it all.

Our world has become a dopamine churning cauldron - constantly filling up all the gaps in our lives. There isn't a single moment of nothingness! Think of it - this very second, our brains are being bombarded with at least 11 million bits of information. We are more distracted than ever. The gap between real and virtual is diluting at a dangerously fast pace. We have unwittingly exposed ourselves to cognitive overload and are becoming increasingly powerless in controlling our appetite for information influx.

We are uncomfortable with silence, attuned to infinite (mostly senseless and worrisome) thoughts, and a willing participant in the hedonistic race of more and more. We carelessly judge and label people around us and flee from deep, meaningful conversations, lest they expose our inner demons! In the rare moments when we do indulge in profound conversations, we only hear superficially, never truly listening to understand. We rush to fill in the silence with empty words, constantly justifying our stance. We refuse to ruminate over our flaws or face our shadows, always looking for the next best excuse! We compulsively fill up every gap in our lives - consuming beyond our means, chattering beyond understanding, and chasing every impulse!

In the process of filling up every single minute of our lives, we have been deliberately emptying ourselves, forgetting the essence of life itself.

For one divine second, live - truly live. Slow down, my friend. Slow down and notice the magic. It's everywhere... you simply must pause, witness, wonder, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Make a conscious decision to live mindfully and meaningfully. Cherish the gaps and celebrate those calm moments of silence and solitude. Breathe slowly and notice your breath. Halt your thoughts, please. Marvel. Wonder. Explore. Taste this moment. Listen to the silence, for it is full of wisdom and inspiration.

Do not rush! Live your life, one step, one breath, one mindful moment at a time.



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